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Branch Blogs - an idea?


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Branches operate as independent entities, they set their own agenda and fly their own programs. Communicating to your local members, particularly prospective new branch members from your local area normally happens through the forum pages here, but would you value another way?

Branch Blogs are easy for us to set up and they confer on a branch a distinct identity. Try this one as an example. All it takes is for one branch member to be just computer/net savvy enough to administer the blog, file the posts and keep the ball rolling and you have a Branch window on the world. You can place pages (some password protected if you like) on the blog to inform and educate. Tell the story of the last meeting, fly-in, party or grand day out.

Is this an idea with legs or just another pain in the arse to administer web 'thing'.

You decide and let us know what you think on these pages.

Somerset is just a trial site with a couple of articles I wrote some time ago.


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Seems like a good idea Norman, But some branches seem allot busier than others with some having hardly any activity at all. I think people would go into their group of local flyers and the main Paramotorclub.org forum would be a bit quite.

Or would it not be based around a forum? Would be a shame to lose the national forum.

Tom :D

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hi Tom,

Probably just a crap idea. The Branch blogs sits clear of the main forum, it is just a way for the branch to air its wares really. If someone gets in touch through this main forum you can direct them to the branch blog and they can get all the 'local' goz.

This is only an experimental thing, not going to be implemented unless people really want it.

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