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Newbie In Shropshire - Training?

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Hi All,

Just registerd and spent the last few days trawing the forums trying to gather information so I don't look like a complete idiot on my first post!

I'm a complete newbie - flown a kite on the beach and thats about it - when I say a kite, I mean, a little thing with a tail (No - not a cat!). :)

Anyway, I'm looking to get some training, and wondered if anyone could suggest anywhere that does training but provides kit too? The reason being that I don't want to dive in buying kit that will be unsuitable - also I'd like to get some indication (not that I really think its a question at all) about whether I'm going to enjoy it or not. I'm sure I will, but if I start training and think, I'm not up to it, then I'd like to find out before spending vast amounts on kit.

I remember years ago there was a news item about a guy who used to fly over the bristol channel using a paramotor, and it captured my imagination, and I've often wondered if "joe public" would ever get the chance to do such a thing. In all the time I was wondering that, it seems like the sport has grown worldwide and is enjoyed by thousands! - Which is great.

So, firstly, any where around Telford / West Midlands that provides kit for training?

I have loads of stupid questions, but I'll save those for an instructor when it's a little less embarressing!:)

I've been reading some of the training blogs and they are absolutely inspiring for someone who's looking to start out, and I hope I get to be in the position of writing one.

Many thanks for any replies.


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