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Air intake silencer/muffler


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Thanks for the replies chaps, I was just wondering if the simonini would be noisier on the air intake because it is a higher reving engine.

I can only relate to the solo as that's what I have on my Fresh Breeze, with a muffler fitted.

Fly for fun,


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Intake silencer would be a welcome addition and was considered, but discounted due to power loss from intake drag and even more weight. Perhaps Ram air would offset the drag?

I may yet try one, as I consider it well over 50% of the noise (aside from prop) from the mini2 with current silencer. That is, the intake noise is more then the exhaust in duration and volume. Sounds odd, but I believe it to be true. A gasp louder then an explosion? Maybe I'm thinking lesser of two audibles here or just considering the intake as one noise I can further control.

Caveat is that my only test method to date has been a line of ear shield of the intake while running engine up, so reflective noises notwithstanding and I've not heard a mini2 with intake silencer.

I do know that carvingair's solo is the quietest machine I've met to date, with only the intake silencer as variation from the other solos I've met, including my identically exhausted old rig. So I respect the capability of a simple intake tube to muffle the high strung wheezing.

Sometimes I'm envious of other machines midrange rpm volume output, but justify it on mine with climb rate. My cheeseburgers storage facilities agree. In denial?

Be interesting to see dbs for rpm matched mini2 (202), Solo210. Lots of other contributing variables though right down to age of belt/bearings/oil mix.

Anyone ever hear of someone rigging a GEET system to a paramotor?

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