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Remaining Tip to Tip wings.


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There are 3 remaining Tip to Tip wings that need to be sold.

I did not want to put them on E-bay as the last one sold for less than £900 before fees.

I have a few Ideas...

1) A raffle? I could sell raffle tickets in the shop, to the tune of £1300 and then ask the local Air Ambulance to pick a number out of the hat... or similar...

2) We could run a club bid (not E-bay) If you think this is a good Idea, your reply should have your number (min) £1000.

3) advertise for sale at £1300 each

Any thoughts? help needed.


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I would favour the raffle route myself. However, it may come under the lotteries and gaming act and be subject to tax. (I'll check out the latest regs if you like. I used to run raffles for the air ambulance regularly)

The advantages are obvious, you pays a little money and someone gets a great result. As long as you set your minimum to the mentioned £1300 plus any tax liability the idea's a great one.

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Hi, l reckon a raffle for at least one of the wings then everyone has a chance of owning one. Two obvious points though, is how many tickets can be sold in what sort of time span and secondly how much.

If each ticket is say £5 l would buy four at least.

My pennies worth anyway haha.

Mike :lol::D

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I like option 3 - just advertise them at £1300 each, would be a bargain to anyone on PMC starting to learn, if you have more than three buyers only then would you need to think about how to dish them out.

Maybe a reply to this thread saying I WANT ONE on a first come first served basis - at least you would know where you stand.

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