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Best place to buy an air map?

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Excellent, thanks Phil.

What are your thoughts on memory-map? Or should I just stick with an actual 'physical' map?


At the moment, in my training phase, I just stick a map in my pocket to comply with the letter of the ANO, and forget about it.

When I get to the point that I'm going any distance, I will be using my aviation GPS, a Garmin 295. It doesn't have the airmap as such on it, but it does have the Jeppesen database loaded. It has the advantage over memory map in that it will pop up warnings of approaching or entering controlled airspace, and also give frequencies of airstrips etc. I have the UK Topographic maps loaded as my base map which gives me good ground feature information (waterways are VERY visible from the air for example).

I will always use a map for flight planning, nothing beats a bit of chinagraph pencil and a few arrows to help visualise what you are going to do, where the wind is etc. I also use a circular slide rule for working out wind vectors, fuel burns etc. It's a bit geeky perhaps, but I actually enjoy the mental exercise. The other thing is, that if all else fails, a magnetic compass, a map and a watch will let you navigate anywhere if you understand the basic principals and can do a little mental arithmetic.

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Great advice from Phil above. I would recommend a 'quarter mill' (1:250,000) for general navigation and a 'half mill' (1:500.000) for planning trips/airspace awareness. Yes, most of us are fascinated by maps and charts... :lol:

As for Memory Map, I have it and it is excellent. There is an amendment service (for both paper and electronic charts) that ensures that whatever you use is current. There is a new version of the quarter and half million series about to come out so make sure with both the physical and electronic versions that you don't pay for the old one. Pete_B seems to have made a bit of a study of MM and is very adept at sussing out its capabilities and foibles.

Simon W is a dealer for Memory Map and may be able to help you out.

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Excellent, thanks guys. I am a map person myself (dib dib dib dib) so will stick with an actual physical map to start out with. Then think about GPS, Jeppesen or memort-map when more experiences, or planning XC routes etc. although will always keep a hands on copy as the batteries can't run out on paper?!?

With regards to the amendment process, is that a free update or just a notification? If it is purely a notification, should I wait for the new edition if it's imminent?!?

Thanks for your advice,


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