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Help on this setup


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Does anyone know how the risers attach to the J bars on this machine?

http://www.paratour.com/Paramotor/adjus ... amotor.htm

It looks to me that the carabiners go through the shackle on the J bar and the risers but Im not sure. Havn't seen the motor in real life, just this pic.

Anyone know much about this wing.




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This looks pretty similar to the j bars on a fresh breeze that I just taught a PG CP to fly in Walers this week.

On that machine the carabiners (big ally curved climbing carabs) went through the j bar. On this one it looks like the wing attaches to the shacle. I see no point in putting an extra carabiner in the system with all that metal to metal grinding going on.

I dont like the total dependence on metalwork for suspension and would have a climbers sling separately attached top the riser and down to the harnes.

In fact you do get considferable weigtt shift with this system (on the FB) the student found he was torquing to the rigfht but I flew it and di d a "full power climbing weight shift only left turn" qand it turned quite well. After that the student also was able to weight shift against torque and also to turn either way.

I was surprised and impressed.

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Thanks Pete and francis.

I think you are right Francis about metal on metal with carabiner between shackle and risers, not good.

My brother in law has this machine, his mate picked it up somewhere. I will try it for him if Im happy with it. Think I will attach the risers to the shackles on the J bars (if they look strong enough) and also put the harness carabiners onto the risers as backup if there is enough slack in the harness.

Failing that I will ignore the j bars and just attach to the carabiners to the risers.

Or I could double up with another pair of shackles on the J bars and ignore the carabiners. I will wait untill I have hung tested it in the garage.

It has a Ross 100 engine which may not get me off the ground anyway?

Glad the wing is a good one.



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Definitely use the J bars. use climbers slings for failsafes. the J bars give you a very good weight shift capability.

I found that you need to use a little thrust when you turn just to support your back and progress forward. Otherwise the high hang points from your shoulders mean you cant push the wing forward and it bends your back and could result in back injury. Sounds bad but I just mean I found that my low hang point technique needed to be altered.

Once I got the hang of it (no pun) it was quite good. Pull up progressing into wind backwards, turn and a little bit of throttle as I faced forwards to keep moving into wind and support my back, settle straight and smoothly progress to flying speed.

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