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handheld GPS


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Depends what you are after Outkast, if it gives you track and groundspeed then you are in on the bottom floor.

If you want a moving map with all the delights of flight progress and other such then you might be a little light on features.

Me - I think one should learn to navigate properly first then follow later with toys and gizmo's - but then I may be a little old fashioned in that respect in that I believe flying to be a bit of an art-form requiring a spread of skills rather than blind following of gizmodata.

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Simple ones have a certain charm, at least to simpletons such as I.

My MLR SP24 gives me reasonably accurate ground speed and compass plus useful ability to enter assorted datum points including start point, and provide an easy to follow 'this way/distance to the datum' display.

I echo the other sentiments though, remains vital to learn to navigate the old way so at least you can continue safely if all the gizmos stop working (and that goes for airsports just as much as for boots-in-mud pedestrianism!) and in any event can be broadly confident of your position as regards closest point of danger, safety exit courses etc.

That said, the gizmo quoted seems an encouragingly low price for its type, certainly if it does the basics re SOG and datum targetting. In any case, purchase of one should always be lower down the priority list than up to date airmaps!

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Thanks for the reply guys, I have already got a pretty good working knowledge when it comes to navigation, although I would by no means call myself an expert and theres always more to learn, I posted the link because I saw them on ebay and wondered if they were suitable for our sport as I had not seen them mentioned anywhere on the forum and they seemed to be quite cheap for what they offered.

cheers, Dave.

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