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New trike balancing issues in need of help

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Hi all

ok so trying to balance up a new build 

Black bull 235 engine 18litre fuel tank

Dt propeller carbon trike 240 reserve

Evolution harness titanium frame


ok so had to move the frame four times forward to the front wheel and finally staring to get the crate to balance

one problem is I need to add 5 kilos to the front wheel

one problem I have is I’m a right leg amputee above knee…I know my missing leg was 2.5 stone so hence the weight requirement main issue is the harness and riser arms

the riser arms I’ve made are too high under the arms so designing a new set 

The harness though is giving me big problems

the back seems too low

29” long and no way of fixing it high enough at the top

the base because it’s designed for a foot launch pivots ok for some but me on one leg is causing big issues… I’m looking at making a bigger seat base frame to help support my weight

the DT Propeller light weight seat frame has already bent so that’s turning into scrap soon as well

The big issue is that because the engine is heavy I’m having to make the riser arms a lot longer than normal to counter balance the weight but as a consequence this throws my seat further forward…well clear of the seat support frame. This also means that being closer to the front wheel is becoming harder


so in need of any suggestions to help balance this crate


note I’ve had links on and off so many times and had to bolt crudely arm extensions on all temporary just to try and find the balance point

once I get balance these will all be changed parts manufactured and made safe so although it initially may look dangerous it won’t be by the time I’ve finished

A nightmare for me in a wheelchair but I’m determined to get this finished one way or another





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That does look a bit steep... Not a million miles away as far as the thrust line goes but I personally prefer to have my prop bolt-upright under power, not as comfy but it has its advantages.
A slight angle change between the trike and paramotor using different nylon mounting blocks might help get that wheel down a bit.

How does it hang with no fuel in it?
Smaller fuel load behind you with a fuel bladder on your lap (I use MSR Dromedary water bags 6L and 10L) "might" help a bit but its not ideal at all!

Getting those hang points further back is the way to go if its possible... I have never found the hang points comfortable, always getting bruises on my shoulders due to the limited space but as long as your arms are free to articulate, you ought to be able to get comfy once in the air with your hands on the controls.

Not sure you are gaining much with those extensions... Again, once airborne you ought to be able to shimmy the seat-base forward to support your legs/leg :)

When flying my trike, the front wheel only seemed to moved a few inches between legs-up and legs dangling so I don't think your missing leg is the bulk of the issue... Get those hang points back and live with feeling pinched against the frame until you are in the air... You do seem to have quite a large gap between the back of your shoulders and the frame.

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