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PPG fatality in Thailand


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From Paramotor Magazine forum.

Kim Young Min owner of Korean paramotor manufacturer N-Zin wing was tragically killed during a speed race in Thailand. Initial reports suggest that his brake handle was sucked into the prop causing his wing to enter an unrecoverable spiral.

How many times does the warning about this crop up during training - timely warnings. Perhaps another reason to carry a quick and easily accessible knife though who knows how rapidly the 'G' built up during the spiral, and how long he had to recognise what the problem was and sort it out.

An interesting one to ponder?

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From Local Thai paper.

Korean man killed when his paramotor glider crashes in Surin

Surin - A South Korean man was killed Sunday morning when his paramotor glider crashed during a competition in this northeastern province.

Police said Kim Yongmin was killed during the competition at the Silapacheep Surin Centre at 9:20 am.

Witnesses told police that his glider was about 30 metres above the ground when strings of his glider's parachute got caught in the motor, sending him down.

Police said the man died on his way to a hospital.

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Thanks for posting the pics Norman,

It is very interesting to see how quickly it all happens..... (see movement of second glider to see time elapsed)

This is not just bigging up Dudek for the sake of it but one of the things I love about the Synth and the ReAction is that the magnets for the brakes are HUGE and pull the brakes out of your fingers with a nice solid 'snap' into place. WAY WAY better than weeker versions and poppers.

It is VITAL that you 'SEE' your brakes go back on to the dock BEFORE letting go of them. It is a very easy one to become complacent with but the sad pictures here should give a quick kick up the a**e to anyone who has reached complacency point.


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