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Shorter take-offs

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I'd like to question some doubts I've.

On take-off you should be progressive adding motor and pull brakes. To decrease running part and slow down running speed you should add more breaks and power faster. What are the dangers of this? and limits?

I've thought about:

- Wing is not above head and can pitch forward suddenly if all is done too fast.

- Too much breaks follow into stall. Here's strange for me, there's a lot of room before a stall.

In all this, how the position of the back influences shorter take-offs?

Is necessary a more leaning backward?I f so it is necessary to counter increased motor pressure due more thrust OR a more "vertically" thrust will decrease pilot weight to allow a faster take off?

At the point the wing takes off from ground, I imagine motor thrust is not harmful anymore since more thrust is less likely to stall, I'm right?

Looking for all your expertise help! Videos all also welcome!

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Once the wing is above you keep your hands up so the wing can attain a good flying speed, then add a little brake to 'unstick' from the ground.

Always run upright, back straight so the thrust isn't pushing you towards the ground.

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