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Help? How do I stop having to train myself!!

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Hey there,

I have been hooked on learning Paramotoring since seeing a few fly over my house from time to time and have started reading EVERYTHING. I have bought an old ground handling wing and practicing my ground handling as much as I can! 
Now……. I live in Aberdeen (Scotland) have a full time job and can’t seem to see any Paramotor instructors even close to me. Can anyone help?, know anyone (I’d pay!) or somewhere even remotely close!? Other than that, I’m training as much myself as I can then possibly having to try and travel round work.

thanks all 


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I taught myself to fly 20+ years ago... I don't recommend it but I am loathed to discourage it in those who are determined or stuck... But be warned, there are extra risks that are not insignificant!
I advise that you attempt to jump in your car and hunt down one of those who fly over your house and twist their arm with brews and sandwiches (or whatever it takes) to over watch your progress... I have yet to meet a pilot who wont wax lyrical with stories and advice with anyone interested in listening.
It wont be as safe as a recognized training school but will likely see off some of the more obvious issues like poor weather choices.
My confidence remained quite low until I started flying with others, an experienced pilot is worth his weight in gold so be willing to throw yourself at their mercy if you manage to hunt one down.
Good luck.

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