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Newbie from (South) Leicestershire :)

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Evening all,

Been lurking for a bit, but thought I'd say hello. I'm Nick, I'm a newbie (although I'm a 160ish hour PPL) and I live in south Leics. Recently did a week with SkySchool at Hinton... good fun, flew three times. Off to Portugal with them in a few weeks for another week.

I have all the gear (Parajet Maverick, Ozone Roadster 3 etc.) and very little idea. Also got an old Ozone Geo 3 the other week for loads of ground handling practice. 

If anyone's in the area, knows any sites with friendly farmers for when I've got this second week with SkySchool out of the way etc. etc. then please let me know... I'm drawing a blank so far.

Good to meet you all.

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38 minutes ago, alan_k said:

Clive Mason of CMParamotors is close to you near Market Harborough.

He has a flying strip, is an instructor and is an excellent guy to know.


Thanks Alan - yeah, he’s only 15 miles down the road from me. Nice and close! I actually had a really good chat with him back in mid-June when I was looking at getting training but due to his reputation/ popularity he was fully booked until September which is why I ended up going with SkySchool. 

Dropped him an email weekend before last to see if he had any used ground handling wings he was looking to sell off (I’m sorted with that now) and about the potential of meeting up / flying from his field but I guess he’s busy with the recent good weather and I’ve not heard back from him yet. Hopefully I will :)

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