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Bio Fuel, pledge for some crazy people...


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Bio-diesel is brilliant stuff IF your vehicle can run on it.

Whenever I am working down near Rye in my flatbed transit I always fill up on 100% biodiesel from Rye Biofuels. I have also used some in my series 3 landrover that one of my shooting mates made for himself.


Works with no modification on my vehicle (just have to watch the fuel filter), is cheaper than diesel and gives of that lovely aroma of chip shop which gives you that smug bunny hugger glow of saving the planet self satisfaction when you smell it and which makes everyone behind hungry and envious that you paid less!

Worth a go if you can get hold of some.

Best regards,


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For the Devon folks.

Bio Diesel Southwest is based in Clyst St Mary near Exeter. Basically look for Creally Adventure Park and the estate is directly opposite. keep to the right over the weighbridge and the 'factory is just beyond that on the right.

our firm ran all the vehicles on it with varying degrees of success. My VW Polo 1.9 twist ran perfectly. The Nissan Primestar van stuggled with any mix less than 60% petro Diesel to 40% bio. This we were told by a diesel mechanic was because it was a high pressure turbo system and bio diesel doesn't burn hot enough.

As it stands in the UK atm, you are allowed to 'make' (for that read source) up to 2500 litres of bio fuel for personal use annually before you are required to declare it or pay duty.

A home kit for making your own can be assembled for around £1500 or a ready made kit for around £2000. Bear in mind that you can make 2500L, your partner can make 2500L etc etc etc. Should keep the average family car going :wink:

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