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Solo 210 engine problems


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I could really use some help because I have no idea what the problem is.

I have a freeshbreeze 122 with solo 210. The fist time I flew the engine this year the engine seemed to run good until I tried to turn if off. The engine struggled to shut off when the kill switch was down and when it did shut off after 20 secs it chirped or screeched to a halt. Sounded like wear. I looked on the intake side of the piston had visible wear more so than on the exhaust side. I recently had the piston replaced. However after I got everything back together I ran the engine for 5 mins giving it no more than 3800 rpms. I killed the engine and it again struggled to stop and then chirped. I looked on the intake side again and I can see very slight visible wear. Any ideas what this might be? Why would it not stop and why does it screech to a halt? Thanks a million.

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Have a look at the flywheel to see if both halves of the flywheel are tight together and all 3 screws are tight. I ask because I have one here which is falling apart and wont run. Other than that, how many cc's of 2 stroke oil are you mixing wih 5 or 10 litres of petrol?


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If the plugs central ceramic insulator is white then you are definitely running too lean and need to richen the mixture... however there is a way that the mixture can be too lean despite a correctly set carb. If the fuel line between the tank and the carb is not secured adequately the fuel can froth inside the line. Also any connections in the fuel line that are not properly secure can allow air in. Consequently instead of the carb mixing 'fuel' with air it will now be mixing 'fuel and air' with air (ie a correctly set up carb delivering a far too lean mixture). Make sure you have a perfectly sealed and secured fuel supply line before chasing the carb settings. Bing float type carbs are usually set and forget (unlike Walbro or Tillotson diaphragm carbs) so this could well be a supply issue. A float carb is not susceptible to the problems of minor air leaks in the supply lines however it is critical on a diaphragm carb.

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After looking around I see the ground wire was not stripped before it was crimpped. It seems to stop ok now after running for a few minutes. And I have not heard the screeching halt I described earlier.

So I guess problem is solved!? I'll have to run it more than 5 mins to see if the problem persists.

Thanks everyone!

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If your ground wire was corroded or partially grounded, the screech could be attributed to an 'almost' backfire.

That is, when the engine is dying slowly due to a partial spark/ partial ground, that last weak spark may occur somewhere other than TDC or fire the engine backwards, spinning your small pulley under the belt. Kinda like that 2 stroke bike that kicks you back.

Glad you got it sorted.

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