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Anyone bought an Eprops recently and was there a customs charge?


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Howdy. Just looking to see if anyone has had the same situation as myself.

I bought an eprops last week and paid for it online etc. All good. Then I started getting messages from DHL Express telling me about the tracking number and ETA. All good. Last night I got a text telling me that there was a customs charge of £175. I was not expecting that. No one in the chain of communication mentioned that nor at the point of sale. Even a heads up to say that there might be a customs charge would have been something and I get that Brexit is a thing now.... just wondered if that's just the way it is now ? Thanks.

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Hmmm.... Then a phone call from a number that I checked out -possible scam. The very heavy Asian accent made mention of a customs fee and to call a number but the number is listed as scammy. The emails looked spot on, even the domain name looked valid. Had all the correct tracking info. But today, I  got another email that said that the package had been sent to DHL partner company for delivery. Would have thought they held on to it for customs payment  -if its not a scam...due for delivery tomorrow - we will see what happens...

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