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ajustable prop

Guest leoibb

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Yes that's right, thanks Pete.

I have a 3 blade 39" ground adjustable prop coming from Canada as we speak for my Parajet Volution (compact).

As soon as it's here I will fit and test it. Once I'm happy that it works as well as I expect, then I will be importing a large number of them. I have negotiated a reasonable price for a block order and would expect to be able to sell these in the UK for less than you would be able to buy them individually, and for considerably less than a new carbon fibre scimitar prop.

The other benefits would be that they are in the UK for next day delivery, along with replacement individual blades should you break one or two. I could even make up the props before dispatch and set the angles for either optimum static thrust or optimum dynamic thrust so you could just bolt it straight on if you are uncomfortable with setting it up yourself. You would also not have to worry about paying in US dollars!

You say that the cage is rather small. What motor have you got?

Best regards,


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yes it was me but for some reason the phone went on me so i am sorry about that, the machine my friend owns very old machine and diamiter of 41 inch so the prop needs to be slightly smaler for clearance i think the prop is 40 inch at moment three bade,

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