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Greeting Paramotor pilot

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Greeting Human lifeform.... I mean paramotor pilot,

I always use human lifeform for every all other forum but this one... 

I has been always fan of paramotor thank to famous YouTube Tucker Gott who flew to McDonald that what draw me into wanted become paramotor pilot. I'm currently live in somewhere Michigan. I'm not comfort to share what city with stranger like all you. No offense. I recently bought a land in Arizona with 2.5 acres. Yes big land. I was going build my house there. Maybe Garden to grow food save $ from going shopping. Turn it into off grid. Like having those water tanks, Solar Array, etc, etc. So I have put all my money toward land to make it live able. Navajo County have … what polite word to use ummm "STUPID, IDIOT, FOOLY, JERK" law on raw land.  Umm I think they're not applies as polite word... Sorry Anyway, Ahem, They said I'm not allowed to build anything on the land until I installed septic tank first. Not even a shed or a tent.... 

Sorry I went off subject. My point. Once I got house up. I'll have plenty extra space on my land. I'm think of allowed Paramotor pilot to use it to take off and land. As long they respect my land. Like keep it clean no litter. You bring pet there, I expect you clean up doggy's messy. You smoking on my land. I expect You to put it in trash bin after use. It's respect thing to do. And some stuff That you guys would expected to see on land for Paramotor. I will allowed you guys use it. But if you guys disrespect and careless. I guess I'll … denied you guys use it. Maybe one day I'll finally able to become one of paramotor pilot one day. It's one of my dream too.

If you guys wonder how recent I bought land. It's 2 month ago. I wanted learn from you guys and get info what you guys expected if I'm going allowed you use it... Of course Add wind Sock. I know that one. But what else?


PS Name - Para = Fan of Paramotor (one day pilot) Scuba = I'm Scuba diver. 

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Ok nobody reply I'm sad... 
Anyway! Here my draft idea what do with plan. I know my septic and garden is far huge. I probably use smaller than that. I ask around for size info. Nobody told me. I ask, ask, ask, as. Nobody give me any find So. HUGE SPACE will do.

For paramotor club side. Look like plenty of space. Like I say nobody give me full info how big need be for runway for trike or whatever. So I'm guessing 50 feet. From I watch YouTube and saw paramotor airport 30 mile north from my hometown. I even asked them how long it is. they just avoid answer question. Are they worry if I steal business? Why need to worry about. I'm going move to Holbrook... Most closest town it is. And it's 1,750 mile away from where I'm living right now. In 2 year I'll paid off that land. Then start set up septic, Mobile house, Water tanks, Solar array. And See if I could set up paramotor club in Arizona. I google up for paramotor lesson in that area where I'm move to. There's none. 

Any suggest what to add?

Draft Plot Plan.jpg

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