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Tuesday 10th

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The weather looks ok for Tuesday evening and I'll be driving back from Bristol to Reading at about 16:30. I've told my wife I'm going to be late home :wink: Anyone else up for a couple of hours of early evening aviation pleasure?

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I will be up there from 09:30 hrs, I will not be able to stay for much later than 17:30 hrs this evening.

I do have Sunset day's which are Wednesday and Thursday.


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It was a little rough but do-able.

I did much passing of the time with Col and a little ground handling during which I warmed up my motor several times and then got chatting again meaning it cooled off. When I was finally all set and ready to go my battery was flat. No matter, I thought, I brought my spare - which was also not having a good day. So we tried jump starting the motor from the car battery (that was a lot of fun) but by the time we'd messed around with jump leads and batteries and motors and wings it was just too late to do any flying so I packed up and went home.

At least we proved that it can be done in an emergency and I'd rather err on the side of caution especially when I'm tired. No flying is better than an accident any day.

Thanks for the company and the help though Col.

Lessons from the day:

  • don't assume that the battery in the "Charged" pile is
    bring the charger
    and the inverter

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After being caught, then going down the 12-240-12 inverter route. I now have a cigarette lighter to cigarette lighter thingy I plug into the car and parajet when I pack. So far so good.

Ebay 5 or 10 pounds and a bit to make a socket, I thiink...



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