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Parajet V2 Marco high compression


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Hi, having high compression issues with my 172 Marco engine on the voloution 2, I had the carb rebuilt, new rings, gaskets etc, as soon as I put the cylinder head on and the spark plug in, it becomes hard to turn over, like really hard! Even when the carb is completely off and the Reed valves are out.

It seems like there is pressure is not getting out from the cylinder somewhere, the exhaust ports are all clear and the rings are fitted correctly.

If anyone has had a similar problem could you give me some advice please?

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Yeah I give it a good clean, it’s like new, the cylinder head and piston. Carb was rebuilt with a genuine walbro kit, new piston rings, new gaskets all round, and still, high compression. It’s in the cylinder sleeve because when the head is of it moves freely, but when I put the head and spark plug on it gets really hard to turn over 🥲

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