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1.40 prop bailey v4


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Anyone tried a big prop on a bailey engine, 1.40-1.50 or a 4 blade. See e-props do a 3 blade and 4 blade, and sell 1.40 i have room for 1.50 on trike,wonder how much extra thrust it would give from 60kg

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Has the V4 got the 2.88 redrive or the 3.19 ?
Would love to hear how you get on with a 1.50 
I have looked at a DT Propellers ground adjustable 1.60 thinking it "might" be doable on the V5 (3.19 redrive)
E-Props also do ground adjustable props so you may be able to tune it to match (bit pricy though // DT propellers were more reasonably priced if my memory serves me)
The E-props website has a calculator to give you some comparative numbers:
1.60 @ 15000w (20hp) 3.19 redrive will give you 74kg static thrust (tip speed 0.62 ... might be noisy at takeoff power) - That's 10kg additional thrust over the standard 1.30
E-PROPS: the best Propellers for Paramotors PPG, hi-tech & ultra-light (e-props.fr)

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