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Colibri trike with the same wing I foot launch

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Hi all,

I've been in the sport for 2 years now, I've done only foot launches. One of my goals with the sport is to be able to share it with family and friends, but tandem foot launching is kind of too complicated and even dangerous, so I decided to go to the trike approach.

I own a power2fly RS with a moster 185, and was thinking about the colibri trike which can be used for tandem.

Now in order to be able to do tandems I need to be comfortable launching and landing the trike by myself, and here is the question.

I fly a universal 1.1 28m which has a top range weight of 140kg. I weight 90kg plus let's say 30kg of the motor with fuel, 4 kg of the wing itself and 20kg of the trike, I'm already over the max weight of the wing. 

Is it ok to fly an overloaded wing? Other that higher descent rate, are there any other implications, risks? Would you recommend this setup?

Thank you in advance, I would like to hear your opinion as well about the whole tandem thing and setup with the mentioned trike.

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Many people fly overweight on a wing, I am over on a 26m by about 15 kg and just under on my 28m wing. It would not be a good idea to go as far over as you are considering and I think it could well be dangerous. The wing loading will be way over and it's flying speed will also be much higher than designed for. 

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21 minutes ago, Marcelo Benzaquen said:

Thank you for your reply, I think I'm missing something, you said on you 26m you're 15kg over the max, in my case I will be between 5kg and 10kg over the max, so why would that be more dangerous than I  your case?

You were talking about doing tandem.

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I feel no difference at all between 26m and 28m wing. The only difference is that I go 2mph faster on the smaller wing....which I can only tell in the air from an instrument. Landings are obviously 2mph faster, which is only noticeable in zero wind landings, which require a faster run-off.

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