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I have spent an interesting afternoon talking to potential sponsors and their advertising agencies.

We only have space left on four of the wings, so time is getting short for this premium opportunity!

If anyone knows of a firm, of any size, or even a wealthy individual who may be interested, please put them in touch with me as soon as possible so I can take it from there.

Once the spaces on the wings have been sold I'll have to look at other space, so who has the biggest boots? :wink:

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Introducing Mark as the Tip to Tip sponsorship Co-ordinator.

Mark has worked as a fundraiser before for the Devon Air Ambulance and done a very good job too.

Thanks Mark!


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Looks great! If possible a Revolution with a Macro in the pic would be consistent with the rest of the sponsors i.e. parajet and paramania?

Interviews with pilots wearing helmets gives you a forehead area " in shot" for a sponsor's logo?, or breast pocket/chest area to "sell"?

We can also drag flags at t/o and landings (if pilot is ok with it).

And the sides of the support vehicles and friends and families cars etc?

Getting wilder now...... dramatic sound track over tannoy played at the launch/landing areas (where the media will mostly be?) intercut with commentary that includes sponsors names......ta tada da da dut duh duh daaaa ...."as Whitters approaches the field on that splendid Parajet Macro (sponsored by the engineers of "Flight over Everest"....) you can just make out the sleak sexy shape of the revolutionary Reflex wing pioneered by the amazing MCJ of Paramania Wings and sponsored by your name here"....... tad daa daaa.......

Helium balloons with sponsors names and the expedition objectives and donation portal address printed on?

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He he, I hope not, after all the digital manipulation it took to try and make him look attractive. In the end I just had to blurr all but the wing, clouds, motor etc :lol::lol:

Seriously, this was just a first draft. Some graphic designers have contacted me to say it's a horrible piece of work! :lol::lol:

If there are one or two Revo/Parajet pilots out there who fancy flying around Dartmoor this weekend, I'm sure we can get something really stunning to punt out there.

And if any graphic designers feel like chipping in, I'll provide the pic, then it's over to you OK? :wink:

Needs to be done pretty quick if possible though

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