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New In Banbury

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The closest to you for training would be Paul Taylor at Byfield 07891 407612 (www.av8er.com) or Simon Westmore at Lambourn 07983 428 453. I have met Simon and I thought he gave me the answers I wanted. I thought his structure of training would suit my needs best, but have still got to get around to booking a committed training program with him. In the mean time I have been doing as much ground handling as the 3 W`s (work, weather & wife) will permit. Along with reading plenty of books & watching videos. I still have not flown, as I believe my self taught route may not be the best option?

I live about 8 miles west of Deddington towards Chippy. Send me a pm some time with your phone number, it might just give me the push to get down to training with Simon at Lambourn.

Paul (PhatBoy)

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Hello mate,that was me and two friends that flew over your house last weekend!! we flew to the sturges pub for a beer then back to the field,was a great day. There was four of us that went to the pub but one of the guys couldnt start his motor(battery dead) so he got a lift home! If your ever about over there come and meet up with us,just email or pm me,cheers mate


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