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First things to do with a new Paramotor


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read the manual. I don't mean that flippantly - most have good info in there - it's worth reading. what is the motor/manufacturer ?

check all screw/bolts are tightened to spec - you'll need to do it regularly - you're as well starting now - prop, swing arms, engine mounts, etc.

ideally have a way of hanging yerself in the motor (e.g. from garage roof) to get yourself on the right balance point however that works for your motor - if you can't do that - and Im assuming its a low of medium handpoint, make sure you've followed the manual of what the settings are for your weight (and DO weight yerself to be sure).

spend some time getting used to it - engine off, putting on back, taking off, running, turning round, stopping, bending down, pretending to fall and handling it with arms, etc - takes a lot of the unknowns out it when later it's making a racket, and the finger killer is spinning behind you.

check the cage netting - many motors are a bit rubbish... does it really stop your hand getting dragged in ? what about the throttle cable ? can that get dragged in ? look especially at the bottom bit - many cage nettings are rubbish here (my air conception among them) - and benefit from some extra velcro straps, etc just to stop chance of hand getting dragged in if you fall and put hand down ,etc

nearly all accidents happen on take off, so mostly it's about all that stuff.



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