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The motor is new

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Hello everyone,

i'd like to introduce myself.

Living in Southern Germany I got my paragliding license back in 2013. Since then, i have flow some mountains, attended a SIV in Annecy and since last week I've become a trainee for paramotors.
I nearly finished my training, just the weather didn't hold up. Meanwhile i fly sailplanes and i'm also in training for my PPL License.
In private I am 28 years old, have a degree in aerospace engineering and work as a mechanical engineer.

Now I'm here, because in Germany there is no real active community about paramotors and the information provided on this forum is really great (just read the thread about the EOS 150).

I'm looking for some advice about what motor (and later on new wing) to get. Nowadays i fly my precious Alpha 5 26 (at 1,87 m and 75 kg)


Greetings from Germany 😃

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I´m based in Munich, maybe your close as this is fairly south Germany :)

75kg your quite a bit lighter than me so probably something with the Atom 80 is a good fit.

If your close enough give me a message.

I find it very hard to get flying here due to the high level of legislation but maybe you have some tips.

I´m running a Parajet V3 and Moster but probably a bit big for you unless your super fit.

I do have a Scout but again probably a bit on the large side.



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nice to hear from you. I saw it on the member map, it's quite a drive from Ulm past Munich.

In school i flew a Top 80. It's a nice little motor and fitted me and my Alpha well.
But for the next year i want to get into a faster wing (Niviuk Link or Qubik). The power won't be enough at all.

I tried on a PAP with a 185cc Motor. Yea, it's heavier but i'm fine with it. I was looking for a Scout with an EOS 150.

I'd love to meet up. Maybe you'll let me try the Scout when i have some flights in my pocket.
Flying around Munich seems not enjoyable. But you have around 2800 ft to climb until C-airspace, so i guess you can go a bit (we are slow anyways).

How long have you've been flying?


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Apologies for the late reply, I've been traveling and missed it.

ive been flying around 3 years but only just hitting the 85 flights point.

in 2019 I was flying in Germany, CZ, Italy and UK, missed France in 2019.

Im working on the DULV license and struggle with the theory as my German is weak, they won't let me have the exam translated  :(

I do have APPI and have done some advanced courses with Skyschool so it's just about getting the theory part done.

Best flights last year were December in Cornwall and whilst cold was stunning.

My Scout got a new Moster 185 last year but has not been run yet as still happy with my V3.

All the best and wishing you smooth sky in 2020


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