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I’ve been down in Cornwall this week, the weather has been perfect but sadly, my gear is at home, apparently the dog and kids were more important.. anyway, I’ve been watching someone cruising along the Camel estuary for the past two evenings. Whoever you are, and you know who you are, you’ve been making me jealous..do you have any camera footage? The view must have been incredible.

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I thought I would have an evening off yesterday and went for a meal with the wife at Rock (only burger and chips).

Looking out over the estuary (1845hrs) and saw the same!!! 

Blue and white wing, not sure what type.

Note:  Not jealous, just having a quiet meal with the wife :-) :-) :-)   Before the PMC flying Weekend 



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We were in the middle restaurant - I forgot the name of the place.  Sitting at the 'Outside Bar' looking out.

We just came back from a walk to Daymer Bay and back.  Then decided to stop for a bite to eat before heading off home.

Surprised you never brought your motor down this time.  Weather has been lovely in the evenings. :-)

Hope the holiday is going well.



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