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Wing progression

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Hello fellow pilots.

I am looking to potentially progress on to the next wing from my Spyder 28. I was wondering if anyone would be up for allowing me to test fly their Sirocco 2 (~26 ~28) or similar wings at the PMC event in three weeks? Im not 100% set on changing as I do love my wing, but how will I know better if I do not try other wings :)

Happy to let you have a play on my Spyder.

Look forward to seeing you there, I have been praying to the weather gods.

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You won't go wrong with the link 2, it will progress as you do, build quality is like any other Niviuk wing ,second to none 

The sting power play is an old design, 

Most modern wings are pretty much the same with just a few tweaks between them 

Try and get to fly a few different brands if you can 

Good luck 👍

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