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Newbie from Newbury...

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Hello Paramotor Club members,

Having trained to BHPA club pilot level I have finally invested in some kit. A Parajet Zenith with Polini Thor 190 ES and Dudek Universal 1.1 wing

Unfortunately as I was transporting it back from purchase the fuel cap was loose and fuel leaked onto the harness : /

As petrol is a solvent and would degrade webbing and stitching I decided to remove the harness from the chassis to clean and dry it out. There is still a slight petrol smell from the foam padding on the shoulder strap and back padding. The Zenith manual explains how to reattach the upper frame part to the numbered slots and I have looked at the Dudek comfort harness manual but I am a bit wary as there is not a lot of information. In particular I couldn't remove one of the offset pins from the pivot arm(must have been thread locked) so detached it at the interlocking 'pass through' buckle below it. Is there a technique to attaching the pass through buckle securely? Any info much appreciated.

I am just kiting at the moment but looking for a launch site. Is there anywhere near Newbury or Basingstoke? Any clubs around that area?



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Sorry to say that Membury is not a 'club site'...  We are a busy school and it does not work having a gaggle of pilots milling about :-(

I am (I think) very close to securing a site locally for use as a Club site. You will of course be more than welcome to visit then :-)

To get your motor set back up correctly your best bet would be to pop over to @MOSS who is just outside of Newbury and has a Paramotor repair workshop. :-)

Welcome to the Paramotor Club. 



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Thanks Adam/Simon, 

Yes I figured a busy school would not have time to check harnesses. Parajet quoted £150 for a check but can't do it on the same day. That is great if there is a local repair shop. 😃 Motor runs great but I am not 100% sure the harness has been reattached correctly. Had to take it off in haste and removed the seat board etc.

If you do manage to secure a club site I would be very interested. 



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