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Accident Aylesbury


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Aye, his comments about what happened were along these lines

hi eveyone it was me who had the accident... what happened i tookagianst the wind using my dudek reaction and motor got to a safeheight then i powered up and turned as soon as i did that the torguewith the power of my engine made me twist the risers .i was appropx50ft up i let off with the power so i could let the twist un twist itsself .while this was going on i was desending down and i knew it wasno good powering up because it would make the twist worse.anyway icrashed onto the ground unconsious a chap came to my rescure andcalled fire ambulance and then helicopter been in hospital a few daydhealing...engine and wing i havent seen yet.ill let u know

iam just glad with the training i had showed when i had a wing problem and i reacted and did the only choose i had .hanhs up and due to the height throttled off.witnesess have told me the wing was spinning around then flie correct then slight turn agian.the wing was flying agian and i landed on the ground without the proper landing


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