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Wanting to learn how to fly a foot-launch Paramotor!

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Hi! So I'm fairly young, 15, and I've been talking to my parents about learning to fly a paramotor. Only thing is, I would prefer to fly a foot launch rather than a trike launch. I'm currently not able to run with 60+ pounds on my back, so is there a way I could "train" so I can carry that weight? Like backpacking, lifting weights, jogging, etc?

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Can I assume you are female with your name?

There are lighter motors than 60+ pounds (28Kg) that suit lighter pilots, some are now around 20 to 22 Kg.

The important thing is how comfortable the weight feels on your back, down mainly to harness design. See if you can get to a fly in or hook up with a fellow paramotorist so you can see how it feels.

Once you are skilled with ground handling the wing your launches won't involve running half way across the field, once the wing starts to lift you off the ground the wing also supports the weight of the motor.

Hope this helps.

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