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World Record Attempt?

Guest francis777

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Just looked at Michel Carnet's tandem world speed record....37.4kmph? is that right?

I regularly clock more than that on my Duet.

How do you set about a world record attempt?

Is it upwind and downwind over a measured distance? And who do you

need to validate it?

Are you allowed to use a fairing? What criteria does the rig have to


How exciting.

Who wants to P2 with me on a world record speed attempt? Colin? Pegasus? Lizzy? someone light and sleek ...... and photogenic.

A Revolution 30 and a Macro will go like the clappers with two up!!!!

Paramotorclub sets new world tandem speed record....how fast??????? surely a man will suffocate at such speeds.......heh heh heh

Just looked at the paramotor weights for the Revo. 30 is up to 220 kg and the 26 is up to 170kg!!! we could do it on a 26 with a P2 under 70kg. Which of you can run at 15mph?

Do we know anyone with a brand new Revo 26????? heh heh already badged up and looks right pretty too


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I will of course get the wing sorted for you :D

And will look in to how the records are set.

Tip to Tip and Tandem record in one year LOL Why not ? :D


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Hi Francis,

You will need to contact 'Guinness' if you want to make it official, i have their number somewhere from when i was attempting a Fire Eating world record. I'll see if i can route it out. If you want to beat his world record it has to be similar circumstances but doesn't have to be similar equipment, i think the weight being carried has to be the same though but i'm not 100% sure about that, they'd now, i'll have a look for the number tomorrow.

(what about fastening small jet thrusters to either side of your caged?)

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I've been present at a couple of speed record attempts. Drag cars etc.

The format is usually at least two timed runs over a course/strip. The runs must not be more than a set time apart (in the case of the drag cars one hour if memory serves), and the record is the highest average of the two runs.

The quoted existing record may seem low, but it may just be the only time it's been done with the official criteria being met so they claimed it anyway. I'd have done the same. :D

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There are various speed records:

- some are out and records or around circuits and yes the wind is relevant

as it will always be a hindrance. Better in nil wind conditions.

- one of the records however, can be a course of the pilot's choice between

15 and 25 km and be flown and timed in both direction separately. The speed

for each section is computed and averaged. In this case and with the course

into wind, then the wind has no influence, which is a good idea in windy UK.

I have found tandem records to be very difficult as you have more drag, you

need lots of power which means you use more fuel, leading to bigger tanks or

shorter range etc..

There are lots of procedures and rules to follow such as launching from

perfectly flat fields only, weighing of the whole aircraft and crew before

and after flight, witnessed by official observers, and flight performance

recorded on approved loggers/barographs.

I have a good team in Brighton to assist me with 4 approved observers:

Nigel, Frances, Laura and Dave, and I am grateful to them all for all the


Dave Smith also gets volunteered to be my tandem crew, bringing his

lightweight and the wisdom of his 75 years into the project.

We have several further records planned, especially in economy, both solo

and tandem.

Watch this space!

Michel Carnet

So it seems that drag is the issue? hmmm we need to build something like a fairing to go around the pilots..... how hard can that be...........................



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