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PMC 2018 Summer Fly-in. (Trade stands)

admin (Simon W)

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A couple of people have recently asked if they can have a trade stand at the Paramotor Club fly-in. After some consideration I have decided that we are going to have a small area for this to be able to happen. 

George (the land owner) as are many of us here of course... is a massive fan of the local air ambulance so I would ask only 2 things in exchange for a trade stand... 

Thing 1. Become if not already, a full member of the Paramotor Club. You can use the link below to make that happen if you log in

Thing 2. A £50 donation to the air ambulance

I think that's a fair offering :-)

Please do get in touch if you are interested in a stand at this years event 13-15th July 2018 Details below. 



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For those interested, Confirmed for the event today.. 

Icarus Trophy (awesome Paramotor events) 

C.M Paramotors (tandem flights & bits and bobs)

Micro Avionics (the best headsets on the market) 

Bulldog Paramotors (British made paramotors)

Aironepro (light weight trikes) 

I don't imagine this is going to turn into a massive trade area but expect a couple more added to the list. 

If your interested, it's a PMC full membership and £50 donation to the local air ambulance for a trade stand and flying, camping and so on. 



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