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Baofeng radios


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Hi happy new year to you all,Thinking about buying 2 baofeng uv-r radios look very nice and compact,one for me flying and one for ground control my wife. And the price £22.02 from hobby king,are these radios to good to be true? (3 )questions (1.)  How easy are they to set up .( 2.)what channel Are set a side for paramotoring. (3 )do you need a licence.     Ps Got a couple of midland g9 at the moment there ok but would like more power 10 miles plus.many thanks Geoffw.

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Hello, I use an UV5R Qualette and I love it! A little technology concentrate for less than 30 euros.

1) SUPER EASY to set up and use normal frequencies (VHF or UHF), and with a dedicate cable (5€) you can use Chirp Software to set up channels and many other parameters

2)When you buy the radio, there are no saved channels...you can use the frequencies with your friends (for example, all on 144.500 Mhz) 

3) I don't know uk rules!

to extend the range you can use genuine nangoya antennas (find them on amazon.com, beware of fakes)

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Excellent choice, I also had Midland G9s and changed to these radios. Sorry can't answer your questions but and give advice on my change over. Yes they are very good and easy to set up and use. I would suggest you check out the plug on your headset If you use one?

they are both different and are NOT compatible but you can change your original one to fit but me change of cable cost £79. The good thing I found was if you quickly needed to change back to the Midlands you do not need to change the jumpers as they both work on same ones but you will need to have the original cable with you.

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