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  1. Excellent choice, I also had Midland G9s and changed to these radios. Sorry can't answer your questions but and give advice on my change over. Yes they are very good and easy to set up and use. I would suggest you check out the plug on your headset If you use one? they are both different and are NOT compatible but you can change your original one to fit but me change of cable cost £79. The good thing I found was if you quickly needed to change back to the Midlands you do not need to change the jumpers as they both work on same ones but you will need to have the original cable with you.
  2. until

    A BIG thank you to Simon, Colin and everyone who helped and attended this well organised flyin. It was my first time to attend and was very happy I did. So nice to see and talk to other like minded people. Everyone I talked to was so helpful and only too happy to help when needed. I am so looking forward to the next flyin. I appreciate how much must have gone into to planing but everything turned out so well from the beer tent to the excellent food and clean toilets! The weather was quite kind to us concidering what changing times we have had lately. Roll on the next event. ????
  3. I guess this may of already been asked but I can't fing the information sorry. Can anyone advise me of the contact phone number, company name or web site that the full PCM use to take out the insurance? I see from other posts this years policies started on March 1st 2017. Any advice appreciated.
  4. Maybe up for it but can you give more details on what's included? Flights acommodation from where to where? dates?
  5. Thanks again Alan. Now I understand a lot more. I have just gone and ordered a BAOFENG BF-F8+ Dual Band which I understand will do both and add a 3rd radio to my G7's ?? . My only concern with this new radio is that it has an auto vox, will it still work on the TTP button? As it's coming with a ear bud head set my guess is that it will? Do you or anyone have user experience with this radio eg pitfalls or advantages? Only thing left to do now is to order the correct fittings to connect it to my Peltors, hopefully via my original supplier??
  6. Thanks for the reply Alan. With my G7'7 I don't find it to bad if I let off the power. That's not always possible I know but I manage to get around it more often than not. I am not radio minded at all. The main reason of adding another type of radio is that when flying with others a few weeks ago they said that they were on 143.750. This was over my head and guessed I needed another type of radio to get on this channel? Please tell me if I am right or wrong? My thoughts were if I fly with these again I will need a radio to be able communicate with them? If so would it be a UV5R +plus type of radio? sorry all I know my questions to some may seam silly but I am not into radio and just don't know the answers.
  7. Hi all, I see from the dates that this post is a few years old now and I guess things have move on a bit? I am now using Midland G7 radios and looking to upgrade / change etc. Can anyone advise me on the current model / number of radios being used successfully these days? I have Peltor cups fitted to my helmet with a splitter cable connector which may make it a little less hassle the change the radio end plug? I am thinking that my helmet supplier may be able to help me with the correct fittings once I know what new radio I have. Thank to anyone to anyone for the advice. Happy flying.
  8. Hi Llewellyn, 

    You are posting messages as 'reviews' to I can not reply to them. 

    You do not need a rating or insurance for this event (but it will be our last one like this) 

    You will have to sign a landowner and event organiser disclaimer as you come in :-) 

    Hopefully see you there! 

    SW :D

  9. I used my local beach to learn to fly the wing, only problem I had was that the salt caused the aluminium buckles to corrode on my risers. Had to get new ones fitted by the Loft. Guess my advice would be to wash off any aluminium with clean water at the end of the day before storing away. I would also advise about thinking to fit an extra air filter to breather on fuel tank to eliminate sand particles getting in.
  10. until

    Hi everyone, i have been Paramotoring for 4 years now. To attend and fly at this event do I need to be rated or passed some sort of classification? If so can somone advise me on what is required and how to get it please. Will I need insurance? I mostly fly on my own as there are limited pilots in my area, only flow with others on two occasions. Hopefully going to meet up with others to fly by contact using the MAP. "excellent idea" Happy safe flying Wayne
  11. Anyone got a ticket they can't use? I am now able to go due to last minute changes. Web site sold out. Happy to go just on a spectator ticket. I M me please.
  12. Hi all, I have been flying for 3 years. Happy to meet up and fly with others. If interested drop me reply. Happy to travel. Safe flying!
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