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Flying upwind/downwind and its effect on climb rate

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Hi All!

My question might seem silly and I know I will get the answer the more and more I fly, yet I wanted your expert opinions first!

so I am on my 10th training flight and the wind is a bit strong today (compared to my first flights), a 6 to 9 kts. What I was wondering was, would continuing to fly upwind cause increased climb rate/ a faster climb? similarly, with stronger and stronger winds, would flying downwind cause me to burn more fuel/ add throttle to keep flying level compared to flying upwind?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Joe

Nope, wind will only affect angle of climb and ground speed. Climbing against the wind can sometimes feel like an elevator, while the climb downwind will have a lower angle, but still have the same rate of climb. You will still have the same angle of attack if you apply the same throttle. Lots to learn as a newbie, welcome to the forum and hope you will have a wonderful experience with paramotors!

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thank you #casper for your input!

it looks quite logical what you said! The thing is frankly when I fly also in the crosswind, it really feels uncomfortable, until you think that you are flying in a box of air and the crosswind is moving the whole box, including you!

Thanks again!



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