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  1. Hi Andy! That must have taken you a lot of time to master...that s amazing! I am sure you fly with a reserve and want tp ask ypur opinion: I plan to buy and sttach mine on my left arm, since the right hand is busy with throttle. The thing I want to ask is, already my parajet maverick is attached at the left arm with offset to counter the torque, do you think attaching an extra 3kg of reserve to that side would make it "Extra" loaded to the left? Your opinions please.. ?
  2. Richard, Andy, Glad you enjoy it! I do not know what flying conditions you have at your locations, but you seem to fly a glider closer to its mid-range of the weight spectrum (R2-28 weight range is 95 to 160), how are you managing turbulences and flying in a stronger wind (nothing crazy, just saying 9-10 kts)? I am just curious, cause when I used to train on a spark 30 and at 6-7-8kts wind, I would be stuck in place (yes... I do open the trims too).
  3. Hi all! I am a new pilot, 30 hours in the air abd I received my R2 28 last week... To give you perspectives to the load, the R2 likes being loaded! I am all up 162kg (flying a Maverick) and I flew few times the R2 26! Yes 26 and it was a beaut! Only thing is with my weight it was hard to get airborne with a 26 at nil/low wind. Otherwise I would have stuck with the 26... now dont get me wrong, the 28 is still great; agile yet a bit slower to react at turning than a 26, but surely easy as hell to launch at my skill level in nil wind. My feelinh now is that The R2 28 for my weight is good for now, slower and easier to launch, but while my skill builds up I will be thinking of the 26 again (R2 26 OR Paramania Revo 3-26), both on my mind... My advise comez short from an instructor's... but the more loaded that wing is the least I felt the wing was affected by the turbulence... other than that, the R2 28 is great as long as you load it... remember that more load=more speed=better reflex=more agile=(-)need faster run at landings & T/O... Other points I notices are: 1-trims need a good pull to close 2-the breaks are bit longer so might need wrap (I dont do so, I just maintain the pressure pn the breaks at trim closed) 3-bit more sensitive to oscillation but manageable 4-while ground handling, I tried to collapse it with outer A and beleive me when I say it wouldn't ... I felt secured when I saw that... I even pulled both As and still was flying (with minimum input to breaks of course) 5-launching is intuative, just needs deeper break to t/o due to longer break lines... these can be shortened but then why would I change a designer's recommendation 6-landing flare to be applied at bit lower than a EN A wing... Still I have a lot to learn, but I think that R2 will get me to where I want. I FEEL confident and happy with it overall
  4. Hi All !!! Speedster 2 VS Revo 3... Opinions please????
  5. A total scam I agree! It is not possible these prices! I WILL check how to report it!
  6. hello! was this Thor250 sold? Regards, Joe
  7. Hi would u consider selling it over ebay and ship oversees?
  8. Thanks Again Andy! I ordered the book Paramotoring bible from E-bay, waiting for its arrival any day now! Happy Flying!
  9. Got it Andy! so you mean as you turn with your Roadster, you do keep some tension on the opposing brake. please correct me if I'm wrong! As you said, my instructor advises to keep tension (arms weight) on brakes at all times to feel the glider when and if it deflates etc. for active flying. for turns, he advised to always lift the opposing arm! I guess I should re check with him if he meant lifting it completely or keep some tension on that opposing brake. Thanks! Joe
  10. Hi All, I am new to the sport and had my 10th flight recently. I have a question related to the way each one of you prefers (OR SHOULD) execute a turn; I have read and watched some videos, and each says differently i.e.: option 1: turn to the left (for example) while lifting completely your right brakes, no tension option 2: turn to the left (for example) while keeping arm weight tension at your right brakes which is the most effective and less risky? thanks in advance! JOE
  11. thank you #casper for your input! it looks quite logical what you said! The thing is frankly when I fly also in the crosswind, it really feels uncomfortable, until you think that you are flying in a box of air and the crosswind is moving the whole box, including you! Thanks again! Joe
  12. Hi All! My question might seem silly and I know I will get the answer the more and more I fly, yet I wanted your expert opinions first! so I am on my 10th training flight and the wind is a bit strong today (compared to my first flights), a 6 to 9 kts. What I was wondering was, would continuing to fly upwind cause increased climb rate/ a faster climb? similarly, with stronger and stronger winds, would flying downwind cause me to burn more fuel/ add throttle to keep flying level compared to flying upwind? Thanks in advance! Joe
  13. Hi! here s a link comparing ppg wings in the market for heavier pilots (like myself).
  14. Hi all! I have made a small table comparing some of the ppg wings out there for us heavy pilots (110kg to 130kg, my range). this is for recreational pilot & I found the below; Note that when comparing the least AR, the Gin Pegasus comes first. For large area (37 and above), seems like the MAGMAX is least in terms of AR, followed by Gin Condor and MP PAsha5. Your opinions and experiences would be MOST WELCOME! Joe
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