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Helmet Visor


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Does anyone know where I could purchase a helmet visor, like the sort of thing found on the Icaro helmets.  Ideally im after a full face clear version, but even a shorter one would do.

I'm looking to make a suitable helmet from a ski helmet.  I'm not too sure on where to find a visor that I can retrofit to it though.



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Try Flybubble for Icaro visors; I got mine from them, along with the necessary fitting kit.  But how to gauge the right size, curvature etc? 

Big scaredycat type safety warning: I'd be very reluctant to do anything which might change the structural integrity of a helmet, such as drilling holes or gluing on fittings.  I seem to recall a thread on here somewhere where a guy added a visor but ended up with bolts going through the helmet shell and ending up very close to his head.  If your luck is anything like mine, I know that if I ever banged my head it would be exactly over the spot where the bolts were.  Result: instant Boris Karloff impression...or worse.  

Anyway, 'you pays your money, you makes your choice' - good luck    


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Hi Hamishdylan,

Thanks i'll give them a try.

I have some rusty 2" nails in the garage, i'm hoping they will be fine to hold the ear defenders and visor in place.

i jest, yeah i appreciate what you are saying totally.  I have no plans for anything to protrude into the helmet at all.  I have a plan to mount things in much the same way they would be from the factory.  If it doesn't work out or i'm not happy with it then it will get stamped on and binned.

Eventually I will also add comms/bluetooth to it too, but for now it's just ear defenders and visor.



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Hi Andy,

Yeah, I get it - you know what your doing but if you need a bit of help sucking eggs you make sure you get back in touch ^_^

I think you might be setting yourself a real challenge to get the sizing and mounting right.  I've got an Icaro Solar X and the visor mounting has two very short threaded sockets moulded into the helmet shell.  The one to the rear takes the big diameter 'thumbscrew' which acts both as the pivot and the friction device to keep it in place - it's quite sensitive to get the grip right so it stays up when you want it to, but doesn't blow upwards in fast flight.  The small one a little further forward is a rolling pivot which controls the range of movement.  As well as the screws there are small nylon washers which allow the visor to move freely and they are critically matched to the thickness of the visor; if one gets it wrong the 'perspex' will be subject to too much stress and it will craze or shatter.  Even though I had the helmet and the visor from the manufacturer and they were designed for each other, it was a bloody fiddle to fit it.



Get back in touch if you want me to take some measurements from my Icaro if that might help.

Not taking the proverbial, but have you considered just using ski goggles, as they should fit well onto a ski helmet? I know, you've thought about it already... I'll get my hat and coat...

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No i fully appreciate your comments and I was only jesting about bodging it.

Being a biker, I appreciate the importance of a helmet and doing a bad job of it could make it more dangerous than not wearing one at all.

I may well still stump up for a paramotor helmet one day but not without being able to try one on and that's not easy in this sport as far as I can tell.

The ski helmet i've just got is so comfy and being Bolle appears to be very good quality.

I paid £20 for peltor ear defenders rather than the £50 or so that most paramotor stores are asking for them.  I have a plan for mounting the ear defenders which will be similar to how you describe the mounting of the visor, i'm even hoping to refit the polystyrene back in place so it's completely invisible mounting.

I wear glasses so that's my main reason for preferring a visor.  Although I may use goggles to begin with as like you say I think the visor will be the tricky part.  I need to match the radius and get the mounting spot on or it won't work properly.

I'll check out those links, did have a look at Flybubble last night and it appears they'll probably have what I need to do it.

If I really can't mount a visor then so be it.  Ear defenders are the main thing and I think I have those sussed.

The helmet was from Costco by the way in case anyone is interested.


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Thanks for the further explanation - good luck with your tests and plans.

It's a pity you live so far from me or I'd happily let you try the Icaro for size and fit.  I note from the Members' Map that there are quite a few members in the towns local to you; if you don't have much joy with your Bolle helmet conversion you could PM them and see if you could meet and try on their helmets (ooh er Matron - behave yourself!).  As you know, most paramotorists are happy for 'show and tell' with kit, especially in the winter and even more so if there is hop-flavoured fluids involved.

PS When I free fly I use a Salomon ski helmet - can't beat it for fit and comfort - so i know where you are coming from.  Granny says don't forget to tape up the goggle strap retainer at the back or you might catch a line and end up facing the wrong way after take off!


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If i get truly stuck i'll be sure to put out a call to local chaps to see if i can try their helmets xD

By the time the weather sorts itself out it will probably be summer and I'll just get along to a fly-in and try some then.

Over the last couple of weeks I went to about 6 different shops trying on ski helmets, lots of them at quite silly prices too. £200+ for a piece of moulded polystyrene and ABS!!  None of them were as comfortable as the Bolle one in Costco and at just under £50 i don't think it was too bad money wise.  The goggle strap thing on the back will definitely come off.


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