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  1. I like this one. There's more at https://www.facebook.com/FVPi2018/
  2. You may want to research belt selection as well as they can jump past or below your adjustment range. J section poly V or micro V belts. Any supplier of PT components will ask for centre distance, Min Max adjustment, and pulley diameters. You may find that anything standard off the shelf, will require machining. Personaly I would take both to a good machine shop if you can not buy standard and manufacture from scratch with the correct material for the application. Also you need to look at what material is left if you reduce the small pulley diameter. It may not be physically possible to go sma
  3. I was just discussing this topic with some people an hour ago on face book. It appears that Bel-Ray H1-R might be worth a try. Has anybody used this brand?
  4. This penguin’s driving along the East Coast when his car starts playing up. He swings into a service station and asks the mechanic if he could sort the problem. The mechanic say’s he’ll have a look, but it will be about half an hour. So the penguin decides to go for a walk to the beach and have a swim. As he’s heading back to the mechanic, he comes across an ice cream stand and buys a big triple scoop vanilla. He scoffs the ice cream, wipes his beak, but misses a big blob on his lower beak. As he walks up to his car, mecha
  5. Andy, I viewed your video today both prior, and whilst I was fitting ALC lines. Very easy video to follow, and made lite work of what could have been a complicated fitting. Great Video, awesome. Thanks....
  6. Yeah thanks Andy. Winds a pain in the arse, sure there's a joke in there somewhere. I regret not getting into paragliding or paramotoring earlier instead of skydiving. I would also have liked some paraliding knowedge up my sleeve, but I figured I was getting to old to dick around any longer, so dove in. Thanks again Andy, I should have some nice photo's to post next week if it's good flying weather this weekend. All good..
  7. Adrian know's his stuff, he's a straight shooter, great to deal with, and is happy to help with after sale questions. The Star is my first rig, so I can't make to big a judgement just yet, but yeah, I like it. The Vitto Moster 185 plus, cracks. Went with the Dudek 1.1 and it hasn't failed to launch yet, and it's a nice progressive wing that you can grow with. Perfect for me. Kran...
  8. Hi, Are there any informative text books about that can explain flying ppg around valleys or active flying such terrain ? I have a mentor with about 700 hours that I will be flying with on a regular basis, but I would like to have some literature on the shelf if it's about. Thanks in advance. Kran...
  9. Thanks Andy, there was a lot going on there.The wing came up so easy and fast. I thought it was going to overfly me, hence the on off throttle action at the very start, but it just stopped cold and stayed there. A little brake also went through my mind at the point it was coming over my shoulder, so yeah a few things,lol
  10. until
    FVPi will be holding an orientation fly-in at our Gunderman Airfield over the 2018 Easter long weekend. If you have nothing planned for the weekend or just want to get out of the house for the day, come on down. There's plenty of activities in and around the airfield to keep you, the wife and kids entertained such as fishing, swimming, bush walking or just kick back and relax along the river front if the weathers down.Sunday breakfast will be supplied by the club, so bring essentials outside of the breakfast.So, pack your motor,maybe a fishing rod or two and come down to enjoy the spectacular
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