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Sena TuffTalk Bluetooth intercom on an Icaro SolarX carbon optic helmet with full chrome visor


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Being a big fan of the Sena products and the clarity of the microphones with the noise suppressing algorithms.

I put together possibly the ultimate helmet.

Sena TuffTalk all in one ear defenders, bluetooth communication.

The excellent lightweight Icaro Solar-X adding to the options was a Carbon Optic effect, different sized liners and a full length mirror visor.


Sena TuffTalk fit to Icaro SolarX carbon mirror by Surfer Vince, on Flickr


Sound quality is good, mic quality is beyond excellent and really clear even at full throttle. Noise suppression rating of 24 and seems on par with peltor 2 in general feel and use.

Can be bluetooth linked to mobile phone, other pilots with sena or to a wireless radio unit to make any PTT radio wireless.

Clean and effective but expensive. The Icaro with all the options £260 plus the TuffTalk unit at an extra £370. Very tidy high quality solution.


The price is on point as an add-on Sena unit can be £270-300 pound and that would incorporate either sticking lumps on your helmet as per my sena20s and or hacking the ear cups to make a neat job of it. 


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On 03/12/2017 at 03:27, Todd Scout said:

I was wondering what mounts you used ?  Did you switch out the mounts used for the peltor earcups?

thanks! And your helmet looks great, good job

I used the mounts that come with the tufftalk.


Im not using the tufftalk myself it was made up for someone else. I have heard good things from others who use them. Loud and clear. Comfortable. Neat.

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