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  1. Parajet’s Falco trike has a neat front wheel setup and has both castor and steering pegs. I don’t know if it is compliant with the sub 70 regs though. https://parajet.com/product/the-falco/
  2. AKAIK, they aren’t connected to the brakes. You wear them as cuffs on your arms and slip them over your hands whilst holding your bakes and throttle.
  3. Hello all, A mate of mine has a Parajet 180xt motor and needs a new starter motor for it. Does anyone here know of a suitable replacement? He’s grounded, so we’d be very grateful for any input re this. Cheers.
  4. Definitely 290cc Mark. It was a surprise to me too.
  5. It seems either the pilot or whoever connected the risers made a mistake and only connected one side properly. The side that let go was only connected to the backup. The main connector is lying loose in the video.
  6. Getting closer....... https://youtu.be/bDmjB-zm95E
  7. Exciting news... Can’t say anymore, but watch this space....
  8. The competitors were told who it was. Nothing more. Hopefully, the circumstances will be released at some point, that we may learn from them.
  9. Hi mate. Robert Ferrero is a main dealer for EOS, a sound guy. https://wasppg.com/
  10. I visited EOS late last year to pick up my Eos150ici after selling my Bailey v5s. I asked about the ‘Quattro’, he said ‘11 units have been prepared for testing with selected, high hours pilots’. He stressed that to launch an unreliable four stroke would be commercial suicide. I’m hoping it’s all going well..
  11. It seems there was a fatality at the Icarus X yesterday. Such a tragedy. I was watching avidly as two friends were competing in this fantastic event. Words fail when these incidents occur during a celebration of our sport and my thoughts are with the family, who are pivotal in their support of us with slightly odd and potentially dangerous pastimes.
  12. Sorry, I was laughing so hard, I hit the quote button and re-posted your comment. For that, I apologise..
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