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Best paramotor engine(s)?

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I'm a new paraglider pilot from Sweden with the P1 license (restricted to Sweden). I will take my P2 license next year so I can fly all over the world (unrestricted) and I will also take my PM1 license so I can fly paramotors (restricted distances). In 2019, after a minimum of 12 months with the PM1 license, I will take the PM2 license so I can fly unlimited distances (unrestricted).

The rules and regulations are really strict here in Sweden. The engines must pass the emissions and noise level tests and there are also restrictions on how low you can fly your paramotor. You are not allowed by law to fly under 300 meters if you are flying over densely populated areas and when you fly outside these areas you must stay above 50 meters. You can fly lower if you have the landowners permission in writing.


I am going to purchase my first paramotor next year but the paramotoring community is minimal here in Sweden, there’s no active swedish paramotor forums at all so therefore its almost impossible to get any feedback on the engines. My local club are only for paragliders so there's no knowledge to be found there.

There might be some Swedish Facebook groups but I refuse to use Facebook.

I’m looking for a sporty yet reliable workhorse with low maintenance suitable for my weight and height, 95 kg and 190 cm. 

I want to spend my time in the air, not waiting for spare parts or spend my time in the garage because the engine brakes down all the time. I just want to do the scheduled maintenance and fly.

My flying style: Cruising around, but I will be doing some longer distances and freestyle when I pass the PM2 license in 2019.

The most common manufacturers sold here in Sweden, if you look at the few online stores that import and sell paramotors here, are Polini, Vittorazi and Air Conception.

I have good experience with Polini, but that was 25 years ago when my father helped to import the 70 cc tuning kit for my moped. 

I have read some good reviews from owners of both Polini and Vittorazi but you can never get to many opinions, right? 

I have read that Miroslav Svec, lead designer at Scout paramotors, thinks that the best motors are produced by Vittorazi. He also talks about it in a video on Youtube where he test the 4-stroke engine from EOS engines. "Vittorazi Moster Plus is the best engine on the market."

There must be some truth in that statement because why else say something like that in public?

Your recommendations on a suitable engine for me that fits my requirements (sporty yet reliable workhorse with low maintenance suitable for my weight and height, 95 kg and 190 cm) would be much appreciated.

/Captain Chaos

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I am 90 Kg and 192cm. I learned on a Moster 185cc (Skyschool machines) then flew my own Polini 190 for 18 months and now an AC Nitro 200. So all 3 of those you mention! All these engines have great performance and are definitely great for 90 Kg.

I don't think there is much in it between all them. All 2 strokes take a little looking after. Always use top quality oil and be extremely careful when re-fuelling. Use a filter, such as Mister Funnel when adding fuel. After fueling, make sure the funnel, pipe etc are immediately covered as the remaining fuel quickly evaporates off the surfaces and then leaves a nice sticky oil that is perfect for attracting dust. Next time you refuel, the new fuel washes in any dirt!!!!!

I can't fault either Parajet or AC for service when something is needed.

Good luck, Andy

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I can only agree on refusing to use facebook, this place is better, and there is even a swedish section if you want to force the others to use google translate.
Add yourself to the member map, that's one way to find more local pilots btw.

About moster engine, there are lots off pics on internet where they had catastrophic failure, but it's also a popular engine. So I guess it's still expected from a stroker, but I definitely don't like to see it. So far I've only heard about minor problems with the Nitro.

I guess that the Nitro will see an upgrade next year, after they released the new tornado 280 engine. But that's still a rumor.

Many polini engines have been updated recently so I guess they should be fine. The big Thor 250 have plenty of power for tandem, but is a bit heavy. Perfect if you want to fly sportier wings and still climb at Vx and Vy.

But then there is so much more to decide then just the engine. A good harness and cage for your needs is equally important. You also have the Nirvana paramotors that redout sells in Sweden. Don't think anyone sells scout, closest is sportswing.fi in Finland. 

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Being a Swede myself I would check out Nirvana or Nitro 200, with your length the Nitro 200 XL could be a good choice too, 150 cm propeller with 80 kg thrust.  Polini 200 is a bit heavy and have had issues at least in the past but it's still a popular motor. Skysport.se sells Pap. Could be an option as well. The frames are well built and are strong, I use a pap since 2010. But I will change most likely to a nitro 200 (or tornado) due to lower weight.

Regarding the Tornado it is postponed 3 months as mentioned on the offical air conception facebook forum. But being an early adopter on a motor can be risky. Even though it is based on the Nitro 200 which has been proven to function well.

I would consider Nitro 200 XL with electric start. The Nitro 200 has good reputation and it's very light weight which is really nice.

I can't say much about Nirvana except that the users are very happy with them. Good looking machines with good features.

BTW, regarding sporty. What does that mean? High power?

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