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Newbie training- West Mids

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Hi all,

I'm totally new to paramotors and have no experience of anykind at all.I just want to learn to fly them safely and enjoy them.

I'm looking for a place that does training for newbies close to me in the West Midlands and that follows the usual syllabus.

I needto be able to fit it in around work, so a day every few weeks.

All help would be greatly appreciated. I'm looking to book something as soon as possible.

Many thanks,


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Hi Shane,

I live in Stratford on Avon so not far from you. I'm booked up for training in Swindon in Sept. so will let you know how it goes. Fitting training around work is always an issue. Weather depending I'm doing a full week and really hope to go solo fingers crossed. Hope you get sorted Atb John


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Hi Shane, having recently been where you are in terms of goals i booked with Simon in Swindon.

I run my own business so time off can be difficult, the beauty of training with simon (as i am sure it is with others) is you can do the odd day here and there be it weekend or more likely see that the weather is good on a particular day and running away lol.

Its really relaxed and you take your own time.

Also there are always people from all walks of life and also stages of their flying career so loads of info to gleam from people and watch different ways of going about things.

It has genuinely been one of the best things i have done in the 31 years i have been breathing! all i think about is when i can next get up there (its driving the missus nuts)

Good luck and hopefully see you flying in the future! 

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