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Getting Into Paramotoring

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Hi there,

I've been saving a while to purchase a paramotor, I was wondering a couple things before i purchase anything to see if i can save myself some money. I have been very keen to get into the sport, and have done extensive research into flying it, do you think that training is a requirement before going? I have paraglided before but not with a motor, in your opinions can I self teach?

I have been looking at getting a 125 nova fly as my first motor, used, would this been a good engine for beginners? i live in a relatively hilly area and was wondering if this motor would have sufficient climbing capabilities. I was also looking at getting a wing separately, i have been looking at both specific paramotor wings however they seem to be over double the price of normal paragliding wings, would a normal paragliding wing suffice? Or is the premium necessary? 

Thanks for any advice, Tom

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2 hours ago, Tom Taplin said:

... can I self teach?

The fact that you are here asking questions kind of answers that. You must get proper training and also spend time around experienced pilots which will do you just as much good (if you can handle that ;-) ).

And don't buy anything, it's the most common thing on these forums, people asking what to buy. Just think about your training and think about kit later. Good luck. :-) 

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Tom, I came from 10 years free flying paragliders, and trust me, once you strap that motor on your back....it's a whole new ball game

There have been successful people self training, but we do not recommend it.....do yourself a favour, get proper training, and during this time, all your questions will be answered. You can get the "feel" for different kits and after training you will have a better idea as to what kit will suit you.

Because you have previous experience, the 11 days quoted will be reduced accordingly to your instructors' assessment of your ground handling skills.....have fun, Cheers. 

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