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Whats this worth?


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I have just bought a used motor in good shape with 20 hours on it. The reason I got it was that it has flash starter and easier to start than my Ros 125, which I have trouble starting due to a combination of high compression and tendonitis/old gym injuries. So, I am wondering if the motor, cage (alu) and prop together is worth anything.  I have no interest in it any longer and it might do someone else . The motor starts and runs ok. I have a spare carb kit and brand new pull starter assembly for it -although there is no harness. Compression test done recently and there's plenty. Since I have had it, it has never been off the ground and it has run a total of 2 hours max. Can anyone hazard a guess as to what this may be worth roughly?  Here's a couple of pictures:




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Hi, Magmen,  send me your address -its yours free of charge,  I have no need for it and im happy that it goes to someone who needs it and will use it. Its brand spanking new and never been attached to a machine. Hope you have many successful engine starts and flights with it!! 

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As I understand it the 2 bolts that hold the plastic starter dogs in place have history for backing out. When this happens the bolt heads can contact the starter pulley. The resultant explosion not only destroys that but also takes out all the fins for the fan on the flywheel too. It seems to be quite a common thing. The flywheel is the same as the one fitted to a Comer 50 scooter engine and one of those is fitted to my motor now.

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