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Moray, Scotland

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Hello everyone. I'm a RAF veteran (ground crew) with PTSD. I used to fly gliders many moons ago and am looking to get airborne again. I don't really do new people or groups so I'm preferably looking for a 1 on 1 training in my nearby vicinity, Morayshire to get me trained, qualified and going so I can once again relax among the clouds. Any recommendations of training, equipment & gadgets (love gadgets) I'd be delighted. 


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Hey, welcome! :-)

Great that you found us! :-) Although this is a difficult (and possibly expensive) ask I am sure not impossible if you want it to happen :-) 

It may also encourage you to know that we have taught many serving and ex forces guy who suffer with PTSD. FOR SURE It has helped some of them massively! 

The thing is with flying (anything) is that it absorbs the mind *completely*! :-):-) 

Do give me a call this evening or tomorrow so we can start to look for a plan. I will look for someone in the area who can maybe get the bulk of the ground stuff done and then we can send up our Scottish instructor to see his mum for a few days later down the line and get you up in the air on the radio :-)

Again, welcome! number below. 

SW :D 

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