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Struggeling with landings

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Hi I'm a newbie pilot with 9 short flights to its name (about 3.5 hrs total).

All is going well but I'm struggeling with low (no) wind landings.
When landing the ground seem to rush towards me to a point I'm sure I'm not going to be able to stop in a decent way.
I'm watching movies of pilots landing from the pilots view (helmetcams) and I notice the same, the ground seems to really going fast under the pilots feet.

Please look at this video from 1 minute 25 seconds. Notice how fast he seems to go until he touches down:


Now because I  see the ground rushing at me or moving under me with 'great speed' I prepare for impact and flare all the way until the point I even lift my legs to add more power to the flare.
'There's no way running of this speed' so I brace for impact...

As you can read I sort of know what the problem is, but how do I solve this?
Please let me know if you went through the same in the beginning as it will help me more then you know!


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Hi Erwin123

I had the exact same problem, even when I was freeflying.

I use to see the ground comming towards me very fast witch caused me to slow down  my wing on the brakes to make it slower.

This caused  me a lot of trouble and I now understand why I had a bad collapse on landing:

1)It slowed my wing down but when I wanted to flare I had no energy left to do it with.

I now find a spot about 100m  in front of me and do not look at the ground the last 50 feet.

I try to fly as low as I can ,allmost trying to skim the ground with my bottom and keep my brakes off until I have to do my flare

Keeping as much speed as I can give me a lot more energy to do a flare.

Comming  in with a lot of speed has helped me when I "got dumped" a few times on landing




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The thing is, I think I might even flare a bit too late, certainly not too early.
I've seen many bad landings because of flaring too early but never had the 'fall out of the sky' exerience myself.

When one of my flying friends film my landing it looks decent enough, not too fast at all.
I just can't get myself to run because 'I'm going way too fast'.
They told me to not look down at the ground, but I haven't managed that yet :)


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It took me a long time to get it right . Still going through  times where my landings are perfect  ,"" then forget to take a wrap on my brake lines"" ,  then get them wrong :: #**#*# fustrating even after 200 flights !!

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Yes, the ground rush happens. It just takes a little getting used to. I was taught that in no wind I need to use the whole brake travel from hands fully up to right down. The trick is to adjust the speed at which you pull the brakes, so that you never gain any more height. Start braking just before feet touch the ground (in dangling landing position!) and aim to keep feet just off the ground until brake travel fully used, at which point I pretty much just take 2 steps.

I think my bigger wing helps make it easier. I am 92kg and have Roadster 28m. No need for any wraps of brake lines.

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