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Wing Recommendation Please


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Hi everyone.

This is my first post so please be patient with me. I have been flying a powered parachute for the last year or so, and although I am more than happy with the immensely strong trike and Rotax 503 engine (it is a very heavy combination coming in just over 200 Kg all up), the wing is desperately slow and heavy with a sink rate of around 2:1. I want to use a modern wing, but the hang points on the trike are very high, above the pilots head, which will I believe will make trim adjustment and the use of wing tip steering all but impossible from the pilots seat. I am impressed with the Paramania Revo 3, and as I have no need to be concerned with take off speed being limited by the ability of my legs to keep up (wheels are great aren't they?), I wondered if it would safe and practicable to use the wing on a fixed neutral trim at which it would then be safe to use the brake lines for steering.

Yes, the wing would lack the speed of which it is capable, but it would still be massively more efficient than my current wing.

I am open to any other suggestions from those with greater experience than me and am certainly not fixated on reflex (although I am very impressed with the Paramania product. An alternative is of course an Ozone Magmax, but can this be flown on a fixed trim.

The trike is far from attractive, but it is strong, safe reliable (and is bought and paid for) so I would like to stick with it. It's an old Kestrel if anyone knows them.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.


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The Mag Max has a very short trim range so i doubt it would be a problem.. 

If you have PPC rating why not just get your self a Paramotor trike, you will then be able to fly normal size wings from 15m-30m depending on your skill level and weight..

If you need any info on the Mag Max feel free to give me a call...

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Hi Morgy, thanks for that.

I would prefer to keep my present trike as I feel that it is considerably more stable on the ground than the relatively lightweight paratrikes available.

The only thing that made me think twice about the Magmax was a comment in Paramotor Magazine which suggested that it may not be too good for heavier trikes such as mine.

If you know better please let me know as I am not fixated on any particular manufacturer..............I just want the best wing for the job.

I would be more than happy to give you a call but not sure how to get your number from the forum. Alternatively I can let you have my email address if appropriate and I can get a photo of the trike to you.

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