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Flying blocks?

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Hi guys I'm justbstartimg to learn to fly a paramotor and will be buying a wing and motor in the best couple of weeks...

I live close to raf brize Norton, are you allowed to fly near there or is there a radius your not allowed to fly? Or maybe a height restriction?? 


All best 



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Dan i'm also a newbie and part way thru my training, but like advised above no need to buy equipment especially if your going with Si + Little Col, i know i have but would agree i was to keen also xD.

Must admit paid sod all for a ground handling wing and now looking at newer reflex wings, and my Paramotor although older model was low hours and not a budget breakerB|,but many before me have learnt on exact same model, and thought for my 1st few flights i'd rather bash this than a more expensive newer one, but hindsight is a marvelous thing and now having talked to trainer and fellow pilots, i wish i'd gone for something like a Bulldog or Parajet as probably sturdier and parts possibly more readily available.(Other Makes Available).

But having said that i was a welder fabricator so cage repairs or new stronger cage at a later time is no big problem.

So be patient as there's plenty of equipment about new and used and listen to the wiser & experienced.  :coptor:

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