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newbie in Paris, France

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Hello pilots !

I am new to the forum and new to the sport, but not newborn (actually little over 40, two young kids), nor new to flying: almost 100 hours of glider (sailplane) as a teenager, then 5 parachute jumps from a Pilatus 20 years ago (automatic opening at 1500 m).

I had few small airplanes flights at that time (cessna, piper) but my best experience was a hot air balloon initiation for my 30th birthday.

I have been dreaming to fly again for long, but in a slower way that sailplane, less traumatic, easier (less logistic), with more freedom.

Paramotor looked like the solution, so I recently got in touch with a nice club to start lessons as soon as the weather will be fine.

I am a fan of Tucker Gott on youtube. He seems so free B|

However i am allergic to noise and safety hazards.

Most of the beautiful paramotor videos are dubbed with music, kind of faking the experience. I wonder how it actually sounds like flying a paramotor.

I hope some noise, vibrations, and safety will be addressed by electric motors in the coming years (although the propeller most probably generates most of the noise). But at least electric motors dont smell petrol. So i guess i will be ready to pay the extra for that after my training.

Safety is more problematic: Some schools advertise on their website that "paramotor is the safest way to fly because we are under a parachute". I read dozens of accident reports and statistic and now think those advertisement are wrong. The wing can collapse. it can happen to anyone, newbie (during training, even initiation) or very skilled pilot. Mostly due to human error (either a pilot mistake or a decision to fly in inadequate conditions). So statistically a paramotor is actually an order of magnitude less safe than a sailplane.

I think i just realized that paramotor needs skills and vigilance probably more than sailplane, while i though it was a very forgiving way to fly.

So here i am, willing to but not so sure, while waiting for good weather conditions...

I guess the 1st lesson on the ground handling the wing in the air will decice for me :fail:

Good flights,


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Flying with music is great, you just need some noise cancelling headphones/earbuds.  From what I have witnessed electric paramotors are only marginally quieter than the less noisy two strokes, as you say, it's the prop that makes the noise. I can't remember smelling  petrol while flying, the engine's behind you and you are flying at +/-40kph so all the fumes are not an issue.

Of course paramotoring is not entirely safe, but a great deal will be down to the quality of your training and the style of flying you adopt.  If you follow the rules then you can make it pretty safe, but never as safe as sitting in an armchair in your sitting room.

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