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Need Trainer North Alabama

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Hi and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-) We are a little short of members from the USA at the moment so great that you have joined! 

Take a look at the members map add your location but also, you MAY have someone close enough to you that can help. :-) 

We are getting USA members joining at about 2-3 a day so it won't be long before we have a healthy number. Sorry I can't be more helpful. 

There is a USA based facebook group called PPGbiglist where I am sure you will get some pointers also, but please do stick around and let us know how you get on with your training :-):-) 

SW :D 



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Josh and Billy,

I'm Terry from Auburn,AL. I too am looking seriously into beginning my PPG journey. Lets share ideas and finds and possibly fly together someday.There seems to be a good bit of training and dealers in Florida, also found some info about a dealer in AL.  Birmingham , Al But I am leaning towards http://flyhighparamotors.com/ or http://www.aviatorppg.com/air-conception.html . I'm also leaning towards a Air Conception Nitro 200cc which both are dealers. Good luck in your endeavors.




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